Misdiagnosed depression? Anyone agree?

Just because I can NOT TELL you in so many words WHY I am upset most definitely does


mean I or your or anyone is depressed. Depression is something that affects a person’s everyday life, or it is something that restricts you!
And for those reasons I do not believe that I personally need some bitch to tell me I am “depressed” when their selves have never had an issue rather then something as simple as being late for work.

“Sometimes it Lasts in Love, but Sometimes It Hurts Instead”


Love is great, but sometimes it’s horrible. When you actually love someone, you can feel it. Love without feeling isn’t love, which I learned the hard way. Love takes over you. You’ll do anything for that one person, their happiness is your happiness. Their laughter is your laughter. If they’re sad, so are you. Their love is shown by the things they say, things they do, and the way they look at you. Your heart skips a beat when you see them in your notifications, you’re the happiest person in that moment. But sometimes it’s not always like that. Somedays you’ll argue and say something you don’t mean. They don’t know whether to believe you or not. They ignore you, for many different reasons. You hate that! You feel like nothing, you do nothing. You don’t feel good enough. They’re the love of your life and they’re ignoring you! What…

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Who we are and our self worth

Beautiful Dey

When we think about who we are and self-worth, we tend to think about our mistakes, and our flaws. But these things don’t make up who you are. Well what makes you.. you? Let me tell you- you are the music you listen to, you are how you act towards others, you are your actions and words. We all make mistakes in this world- hell I’ve made so many I’ve lost count. But we can’t let others determine our self-worth. Only you- yourself can determine that. When you give that power to someone else.. it can build you up for a while, but in the end it will ultimately tear you down. You are worth so much, more than hurting yourself, worth more than letting a guy or a girl get you down. It’s their fault if they can’t see how wonderful you are. Life is full of heartbreak and…

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Why do we pair our senses?
Why do we look and hear instead of touch and hear?
Do not sensor, embrace. Do not think just observe. Let the wind seduce your ears and let the view control your eyes. Let your eyes lead to wear they want to lead and do not think but embrace. We are who we are and that is a fact, but we do not all like ourselves. That is also a fact. But, the fact that people see and understand that they do not like
themselves and complain about it but do not change it. Is a painful fact. Not everyone who wanders is lost and not ever one you think is lost. Is. There is as much as  difference between wandering and looking, being lost and exploring. As there is making love and Fucking!
The word love is not a word that gets thown around a lot but rather it is a feeling of passion that gets played with! If you do not see that you are one who has been blinded with societies thought on “love’ you have been blinded by your self because you hear one thing but feel another. You do not trust your senses you sensor and you “fix” things mentally you conect things as that’s how your mind has grown to work.
You want people to understand you but they can’t. The only person that can understand stand you and your thoughts is you! And your stuck in your own head.
You are surrounded by people and yet! Your so alone. You can not feel you just do. Your not sensoring but your also not living. I! Am locked in a state of mind that I can not tell you why I am  upset! I can NOT tell you what I feel. Because I do not know. I can NOT say I have a headache because I do not know what one feels like. I feel like me locked in a childs state of mind with no knowledgement on realitly! I




And I do not like me…. I can not feel I just smile, I don’t know what happiness is and I feel that. But its fake. It is not happiness I remember it is not a feeling I do not enjoy but nor is it one I enjoy. It is something that people have assumed means your ok and everything is good with you. Ever have when you just want someone to just Fucking sit there! Just Fucking sit there hold you and say what you want to hear even if you don’t know !!! Of course you do who doesn’t? Me. I just want a dam hug ! I just want to feel like I have a structure. I don’t like being alone just as much as the next person. Not because I don’t like sitting in an empty house but I hate not know IF I’M  yet again surrounded by people! And so ALONE.